Justifeyed Seeks$1 Million To Make A Change

Green Bay just threw away $40 million, while Justifeyed is seeking only $1 million.

As Paul Swanson takes over the Green Bay Hotel Northland Project, hiring a general contractor to oversee it finished, he has pledged to conduct an audit to determine how $40 million was spent, including $17 million in unpaid bills. "I will absolutely take this apart piece by piece and find every dollar the city and other financiers advanced the project" "We will be transparent about this" Swanson stated. 

Documents indicate $25.4 million has been spent on construction, professional fees, and historic restoration efforts, while KPH construction, subcontractors , consultants, and professional service films are still owed $16.9 million. It is unclear how much contractors have been paid to date. 

Companies such as Tweet/Garot Mechanical is owed $1.9 million, Verhalen Inc. is owed $1.5 million, Faith technologies is owed $1.4 million, MEI total elevator is owed $801,664 and Harenda owned companies are owed $3.4 million. An additional $2.6 million in developers fees is owed to Hotel Northland Development LLC, bringing Harenda total to $6 million. It is also suspected that $3.2 million from the HUD loan was improperly transferred to Harenda. Final records also show $8.6 million was  not paid to contractors. 

Since the beginning of the year the project has racked up another $7 million in unpaid bills. Northlands legal issues have also proven costly, it's assets list includes $1.2 million in legal bills. The audit Swanson is conducting will answer how every penny was spent. Including how the city's contributions of $2.5 million in TIF assistance and $3.6 million of a $4.7 million laon, were spent. 

Octagon Credit Partners, the lead lender on the project and the firm that requested receivership, has asked a judge expedite approval of an $8million loan to the Northland to pay subcontractors so they will return to work, while tax payer dollars are still being poured into finishing the Hotel Northland Project. the project is expected to be completed by the end  2018. 


Green Bay just threw away $40 million, while Justifeyed is seeking only $1 million.

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone making the first phone call on March 10th, 1876. For the first time we were able to communicate mouth to ear, without being in the same room. Almost 100 year later the first 911 call was made by Senator Rankin Fite on February 16, 1968. We have made leaps and bounds to the technology of phones, from land lines to the mobile phones we all use today. However, we have failed to bring new technology upgrades to our 911 system since the 1970's. A life saving system has had little upgrades in over 40 years, yet we spend the money to upgrade the device we use to contact 911, on a constant basis. 

Justifeyed has created the upgrade that  is long overdue for the 911 system. We can use $1million to integrate live video feed into the 911 system, giving the people in our community a much needed, powerful safety tool. A safety tool that uses the technology of today with face to face communication, that better prepares our emergency personnel for any situation they go into. Justifeyed bridges the communication gap between the people and the police, creating a united more trusting environment. 

Instead the local government has spent over $40 million to renovate a historic hotel, and it's still not done. Money taken out of the tax payers pockets, has been put into a building to preserve a piece of the community, while Justifeyed is reaching out to the government to provide safety and security for the people of the community. We have met with local government officials, including mayors and senators, looking for support and financial backing, only to run into a wall looking for it from our state. 

When you think of preserving history, do you put a price tag on it, or maybe wonder what makes it worth preserving? Why not change a piece of history to create a powerful, life saving tool? Tax payers, Green Bay just threw away $40 million, while Justifeyed is seeking only $1 million.

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