Girard Police officer shot and killed responding to domestic violence call

A shooting occured around 10 pm At Casino Queen in Trumbull County, OH on 400 block of Indiana ave.  Two officers responded to a domestic situation call, involving a gun inside a home. Upon arriving a short conversation between officers and the male suspect took place before cops finally opened the door. The suspect began firing and shot one of the officers while the other officer returned fire, shooting and killing the suspect. Justin Leo, the 31 year old officer who was shot, was taken to St. Elizabeth hospital in Youngstown where had surgery and later died. The name of the suspect has not yet been released.


Domestic violence happens more often that it should, and Justifeyed wants to add a layer of protection from this that is currently missing. Once the altercation began the victim could have started recording what was happening, and immediately gotten it to authorities. The officers, having seen what was happening, would have been prepared for what they were going into. The instant video feed Justifeyed provides is a life line for the victim and significant information for emergency personnel. Life saving information is so much more valuable when it can be shared instantly. Support and donate to Justifeyed now to give every domestic violence victim a chance to take back control, and help change lives. 

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