Toddler Trapped In Car

At a shopping mall in Orlando, Florida. Two year old Apollo, was accidentally locked inside of a SUV on a hot day. Ken Rubin, the father, says that Apollo grabbed the keys from his wife’s had as the door shut. They then heard a clicking sound from the car locking. Rubin called the auto company to try and get the car unlocked remotely but it did not work. He then called the fire station and asked for their help. A police officer in the area heard the parents cry for help and came to their aid. Time was a factor for the crews who worked to remove the child without breaking the SUV window. However, Apollo was stuck for 30 minutes before he began to sweat visibly. Leading to emergency responders breaking the window and pulling out Apollo from inside. Rubin even recorded a seven minute video of the rescue and posted it on social media, as he raises awareness about the dangers of leaving children in vehicles. Apollo sustained no injuries.


Justifeyed would have been very beneficial in this situation. The video the father took could have gone straight to authorities to get help immediately. The fortunate part to this story is that the parents were right there and it was an accidental situation. Too many times this situation happens intentionally and someone happens to come across it, not only with children but pets as well. The video taken with Justifeyed can be used to not only get help,but also to be used as evidence in the event charges are pressed.

Donate to Justifeyed now because when kids and keys are locked in a car, with just a click we can save you no matter where you are!

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