Justifeyed Traveling To Chicago

Marcus Evans and team Justifeyed will be heading to Chicago this week to visit with some potential investors, and hope to meet with some government officials while we are there.

We want to bring not only a potential solution to all the violence, but also bring jobs and revenue to the city. The children in the city need to be able to live up to their potential, and get safely to school to do just that. Justifeyed wants to be that safety tool that helps those kids in the tough neighborhoods, and reassure their parents that emergency personnel is only a click away.

Justifeyed hopes to bring power to these communities, and give them back the confidence they have been missing. We want to show the mayor and senators of Chicago that not only will we add to the safety of the community, but give the people jobs and bring money into your communities as well.

Here we come Chicago, the power of Justifeyed in your community can change lives forever.

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