Justifeyed VS The STOP!T App

Keeping our kids safe on and off school grounds, while keeping parents informed of their safety, is what an app that protects our children should be all about. With Justifeyed, that is exactly what you are getting; safety and knowledge in the same app that you, as a parent, and your child both have. This will include every child, even those with a disability that effects their ability to communicate, or comprehension , and even those that are deaf or hard of hearing. If a person has a disability how are they using your app?

During the research Justifeyed did of the STOP!T App, we realize there is so much missing, so many significant pieces. The app is focused on bullying on and offline, and how our kids combat this and protect themselves from it.  Students are able to send this information anonymously to school officals, or chat with someone about a situation via a messenger.  How then does the app work on the weekends, or when school is not in session? Does your child have to wait to speak with someone at school? What about if something serious happens, and you or someone else is injured, how are you alerting emergency personnel you need help? If you are unable to talk or type, shouldn't there be a way to communicate; perhaps by being able to show dispatch why you need help?

 Justifeyed believes that when it comes to your child's safety there is no time frame, and there should be more than one point of contact, including your parents. It should be anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Students should be able to connect with not only the school, but parents and emergency personnel as well, simultaneously. This information and these situations should be able to be shared in real time, showing someone of authority, while letting the child's parents know at the same time.

Another factor that Justifeyed empowers the schools and communities with is revenue. Taking the revenue from the app and putting back into our schools to better inform and build safety for our students, as well as into our communities.

Justifeyed takes the safety of our kids and the communities very seriously. Having a safety app that offers protection as well as educating the user of thier surroundings at that same time, gives your children the opportutnity to avoid dangerous areas to prevent bullying, or emergency situations all together. These children are our future, and they deserve the best tool of defense to make their future bright.

Putting the Justifeyed app in the hands of the students, AND the parents gives them a resource to combat and protect against so much more than bullying. There is much more that happens in schools, so shouldn't we be focusing on all of it? Look at the benefits of Justifeyed today, and see why we are a better choice coming your way. Please donate and support now.

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