Thank You For Being Part Of Team Justifeyed, Maria

When starting your own business there is nothing more powerful than the support of those that believe in you, and your cause. When Justifeyed chose Regus for our office area, we never expected just how supportive they would be.  Every question we have is always answered in a timely manner, and every need is taken care of.  

Part of what makes Justifeyed so successful is the people we have behind us. One of those amazing people is our receptionist Maria Frazier. Always a smile on her face when we see her, and a genuine interest in how well we are doing. Naturally, we had to know what makes her come to work every day, so we asked her, why do you do what you do? With a smile on her face she gave a genuine answer of, she likes helping businesses to succeed. Maria is an extension of Justifeyed. When we are in the communities walking the streets, and shaking hands with people for Justifeyed, Maria is back at the office keeping us informed and up to date on what's happening there. Never a missed message, and always a quick, direct message or call when it's urgent.

As a mother she knows what it is to be a great parent, which we can only imagine is because of the parenting she had. We asked who her childhood hero was, and she stated, again with a smile, that it was her mother.  Even as parents we dream of the one place we can vacation if money were no object, and Maria's dream is to go to the Phi Phi Leh Islands in Thailand. If you have ever seen pictures of the islands it is an incredibly gorgeous place.

Justifeyed thanks you Maria for the hard work and dedication you provide. Having strong loyal people behind you that you can count on, makes a business easier to grow. With people like you there is no need to worry what happens when we are not in the office, because we know there is no one better to have at our side than you Maria. Thank you so much for all you do, going above and beyond on most occasions. We are Justifeyed because we have great people supporting us.

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