Chief of Staff, Celestine Jeffreys And Justifeyed

Today Justifeyed took another powerful step in the right direction. We were able to meet with Green Bay WI Mayor, Jim Schmitt's Chief of Staff Celestine Jeffreys. She is an amazing, educated and caring individual. She truly saw our vision and how it all makes sense for today's emergency situations. She was able to fit the app into her real life and how it could benefit her family, as well as seeing the benefits to different emergency personnel. Ms. Jeffreys informed us that right now Green Bay is looking at upgrading their 911 system, so perhaps Justifeyed came in at just the right time.

Celestine seems to be the type of individual who cares a great deal for family and keeping them safe. She advised us that Justifeyed would be an app that should would, without a doubt, download. Ms. Jeffreys stated she is not one to be easily impressed, but today Justifeyed wowed her.

Justifeyed cannot thank you enough Ms. Jeffreys for meeting with us today, and wanting to get us in touch with more of the people in your community that can help us make a difference. It is because of the support and faith of people like you, that Justifeyed will be able to make a difference and keep our communities safer for everyone. We look forward to the next meeting. Thank you for believing in keeping it local, and supporting businesses in our communities.

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