Disabilities Are Not Targets

 WARNING: This video contains graphic images.

The above video highlights why everyone, including those with cognitive or physical disabilities, need Justifeyed. The app can be used to help those with a disability combat the bullies that target them.

The victim in this instance had his phone in his hand, and he could have very easily contacted Justifeyed to get help before the situation escalated to the point it did. The most difficult piece of this situation to understand is why. What reason did these bullies have to target this individual?

Everyone is different, but having a disability can make people a target for bullying or hazing. A large number of disabled people get bullied and harrassed, often for no reason other than because they are different. Fifty-seven million people in the United States have disabilities, that's 19% of the population. Misunderstandings, fear and stereotypes about disabilities have led to tragic outcomes, as seen in the video above.

People with disabilities, whether mental or physical, are near and dear to Justifeyed creator Marcus Evans, as he suffers from a learning disability himself. He truly believes we are all equal, and should be treated as such.  Justifeyed was created in part, so that peole with disabilities have the opportunity to handle any situation with dignity and ease.


Justifeyd would have been able to help this vicitm by giving him the ability to contact authorities as soon as the group of individuals approached him, and started making him uncomfortable. No one should have to feel alone, or helpless when faced with a situation like the one above. Justifeyed is the tool of defense that everyone needs to show bullies that they can no longer get away with pusing people down. Getting video evidnce of the behavoir of these people holds them accountable, and deters others from the same behavior knowing they will immeditaly be caught and identified.

Share, donate, or support Justifeyed today, so we can give everyone the power of safety that they deserve.  

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