Chicago Keeps On Shooting

Five people were killed, and 13 wounded in Chicago shootings Friday into Saturday morning. The quadruple homicide happened about 8:40 p.m. in the 4700 block of South Fairfield Avenue, police said. Three men and a woman were inside a vehicle when someone inside a white SUV opened fire on them with a rifle. Responding police officers found their bodies inside the vehicle and they were pronounced dead on the scene.The medical examiner's office on Saturday identified the deceased as Joel Sandoval, 24; Miguel Sandoval, 27; Michelle Cano, 21; and Ida Arvizu, 28.

Another fatal shooting Friday happened about 11:15 a.m. on the Southwest Side in the 6400 block of South Talman Avenue in the Marquette Park neighborhood, police said. The man, Micah Brown, 23, suffered a gunshot wound to the chest and was pronounced dead at the scene.

In the same weekend eleven other shootings that were not fatal occured, some with multiple victims, all in the Chicago land area. Of these, eight were innocent by standers in the wrong place at the wrong time including a 14 year old boy.

In a span of  less than 24 hours four people died from gun fire and over a dozen were wounded. Chicago when does it stop, when do the guns stop firing? Better yet, when do you put a tool in the hands of these innocent bystanders, to protect them from the gun fire and help put a stop to it?


City of Chicago, Justifeyed has written to you before extending a hand of help. The people of Chicago need a tool of defense against these gangs and gang violence.  Justifeyed can be that tool. With our app no one has to feel alone and criminals will be caught and identified much easier letting them know the innocent people of the community are no longer just going to sit back and watch. Walking down the street, or your child walking to school, you should not have to worry what's around every corner, or shudder when a car drives past you. Let the child that wants to get to school to learn, make it there safe to show the gang memebers they can't take everyone.

With the power of Justifeyed, you have instant face to face contact with authorities to shut down the shooters and quickly alert someone if something happens to you, or protect the innocent you see in harms way. Justifeyed will give the peole of the city a chance to work together with police, to clean up the streets and show fear no more. Together the people and police become a powerful force that gang members do not even see coming.

Chicago, now is the time to reach out and support or team up with Justifeyed. You owe it to the people of the city to give them something that will empower them and give them back control. Too much is happening and has happened not to invest in a solution to knocking out gang memebers and showing them they are not in control. To much time and to many lives have been lost, not to do something and do it now. Reach out and team up with Justifeyed to put hope and power back into the lives of the people not yet lost.  Support and donate to Justifeyed now, for the future of your city. 

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