One, Two, Three Reasons To Partner With Justifeyed

April 13th 2017-Two men from the Wausau area were arrested at Appleton East High School. A school resource officer noticed Tou Thao, and Blong Vang, in the hallway after school, and they couldn't give a consistent answer about why they were there. According to court documents, the men from the Wausau area traveled to the school to pick up a female student who was dating Vang, so the two could attend a wedding over that weekend, but prosecutors say they also had plans to potentially settle a score. There was a bullying issue, and there was an intent to address that with the person that he viewed as causing that issue. Police found two guns during a search of their car in the school parking lot -- one in the back seat and another in the trunk. The gun in the back seat was loaded. The guns were not brought into the school.

September 13th 2017- Two masked men robbed  the Capital Credit Union at gunpoint  located on 2009 E Calumet Street in Appleton police say. One robber entered on Calumet Street, already starting to raise his gun as he came through the door. He's followed a short time later by another person carrying a backpack in their hand.

The suspects left in a car described as a gray Pontiac G6. About 10 minutes later, police saw a car matching that description on Highway 441. Officers prepared to make a "high-risk stop" but the vehicle drove off at a high rate of speed. Due to the driver's recklessness, police did not give chase.

Appleton Area School District locked down East High School, Horizons Elementary, and McKinley Elementary as a precaution.

September 13th 2017- According to students at Appleton East High School, there was an altercation that lead to a fight in which police were involved.


The above events happened at or near the same school in Appleton. The reality is that these things could happen at any school, and what kind of protection is in place? If Appleton East were to partner with Justifeyed the students and staff, even the parents would have a safety app that would bring live feed of dangerous situations to the proper authorities.  While the schools may have a safety app for students now, provding video to emergency personnel is so much more powerful. 

Justifeyed wants to bring a uniform system to all the schools in the district. All students using the same safety app, gives the ability to take it to any school, any time, and get the same results. Justifeyed gives the students, staff, and parents piece of mind that emergency personnel is just a click away, and can see exactly where you are and what help you need. Be the first school to parnter with Justifeyed and forever be a part of the team! Donate to Justifeyed now and help keep our schools and kids safe.

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