Mayor Hanna Is On The Side Of Justifeyed

Appleton's Mayor Hanna is one of the most genuine people we have met thus far. The pride he takes in the city and the people, far suprasses any expectation one has for a mayor.

Justifeyed met with Mayor Hanna yesterday, for the second time. We were excited to show him our finished prototype, and once again he was completely wowed. He was able to physically go through the app, and see how it worked from sign up, to the video and the map. He was quite impress with what he saw. He sees the vision we see for Justifeyed in the community, and with emergency personnel.

We were able to showcase how the app will integrate live video feed into the 911 dispatch system. This will allow for emergency personnel to prepare for and create a plan before getting to the scene. Justifeyed is technology people thought was at least seven years away yet, but we have created it now. By explaining how the app was created and will continue to run, we were able to show Mayor Hanna how the revenue generated will come back into the city.  Justifeyed was created local, and it will stay local so we can bring all the money back to the city of Appleton.

Justifeyed would also like to partne with a school in the fox cities to have as a platform for creativity. This one school will be host to an event we will be having in December, and be the first and only school anywhere to see the app in its entirity. The event will include investors, Mayor Hanna, and a representative from each branch of emergency personnel. We are very much looking forward to picking a school and unvieling the complete package of Justifeyed.

Mayor Hanna has a passion for creating a strong community build around camaraderie and trust. He enjoys the amazing events that come through Appleton and the people that continue to come back because of the warm and welcoming community that Appleton is. He can also envision how Justifeyed fits into the community and why it makes sesne.

Justifeyed now considers Mayor Hanna a friend and great advocate for us. We appreciate all you have done for us so far, and the directions you have led us in. We know that with your help Justifeyed will continue to grow and move in the right direction. We are blessed to live in a city run by such an amazing man. Thank you Mayor Hanna, we look forward to much success with you.  

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