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One student dead, and three in the hospital after a classmate opens fire at Freeman High School in Spokane, Washington. Just one day before the school had an active shooter drill. School shootings are something we hear about just way to often, yet schools, students, teachers, and parents end up not fully prepared for situations like this.

A sophomore boy brought a rifle and a handgun to school just as classes were starting Wednesday morning. Michael Harper, a 15-year old sophomore student at Freeman, told the Associated Press that the suspect had long been obsessed with past school shootings. He said he saw the student at school with a duffel bag, and that the suspect had brought notes to school in the beginning of the year, saying he might get killed or jailed. Harper said some students alertered counselors. Elisa Vigil, a 14-year old freshman stated she was putting away her backpack when she heard a loud pop. She turned around and saw the suspect walking around. Cheryl Moser said her son, a freshman at the school, called her from a classroom after hearing shots fired. He called her and said there were gunshots. Witnesses described a bloody chaotic scene in a second floor hallway just outside a biology classroom. Numerous students, including several who wittnessed the shooting, identified the shooter as Caleb  Sharpe. They said he rode a bus to school Wednesday with guns stashed in a duffle bag.

The suspect brought two weapons to the school, but the first one he tried to fire jammed, so he went to his next weapon. Sam Strahan walked up to him, was shot and killed. A sherriff stated the suspect fired more rounds down the hallway, stiking other students, before a school custodian interviened and prevented futher bloodshed. Shortly after this the suspect was taken into custody.


As you can see even when schools think they are prepared, you never know what can happen. Justifeyed wants to be the safety in situations like this, to alert emergency personnel and your loved ones live as things are happening. This will get help to your sooner, as well as preventing so much panic to parents and loved ones. Live feed can be sent directly to 911 dispatch and get help sent without having to say a word. Being hidden from the shooter is one thing, but being able to get help from that hiding spot, and not risk making noise by talking is huge. 

Let Justifeyed be that eye and voice of protection and no longer feel helpless as a teacher or a student. Donate and support Justifeyed now, to protect all our schools and students.   

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