Bad Business From Local 5 With Justifeyed

What if you gave $500 of your hard earned money to a news station, only to find out after waiting six months, they were not going to run your story? Then you turn on that same news station, shocked to see a story about the over topped 911 dispatchers in hurrican Harvery in Texas. The same system you are looking to enhance with an app you created-the app of Justifeyed. This app was created literally right down the road from the Channel 5 news station, at Zymo Interactive in Green Bay WI.

As a team Justifeyed was hurt and frustrated. Your tag line at Channel 5 is, "keep it local" , and Justifeyed could not be more local. Yet you choose to run a story, about a problem in another state, and do not even consider the solution that was created locally, in your same town. Again we cannot explain how hurt we were that you would take our money, and choose to not run our story

Six months later a new employee of your news station, Channel 5, reaches out to us via Linked In. He is completed wowed by the Justifeyed app and what we are doing. He asks us to let him know if he can help us in any way, and this is when we learn that your news station was not going to run our story. Even though we reached out several times after we paid you, with no response. We understand that mix ups happen and things can slip through the cracks, yet we did reach out for several months, again with repsonse.

Just a question-is this how business is done with all news stations? We signed a commitment, and gave you $500, why would we not be informed that you chose not to run our story, and why do are we still out our $500? We feel we deserve a public response and explanation, not just a behind the scenes email. Again we are hurt and disappointed in you Channel 5, for taking our money and choosing not to run our story or communicate with us.

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