Wisconsin Governor Walker Should Walk With Justifeyed

Justifeyed has a question for you, Governor Scott Walker, and the government officals of Wisconsin. Imagine you have difficulty communicating due to a disability, or you are a young autistic child with difficulty speaking, and you have to call 911. How are you communicating with that dispatcher? How do you communicate the situation you are in and what help you need? 

 Now imagine the same individuals reaching out to 911 and being able to instantly share a live feed showing where they are, and the situation they are in, while simultaneously reaching a loved one. This is exactly the personal mobile safety app we have created called Justifeyed. The app will enhance and change the 911 experience by providing face to face communication. 

The Justifeyed app has the potential to be the new Neighborhood Watch, and the Junior to the 911 dispatch system; however for Wisconsin it has the potential to be so much more. Wisconsin has the chance to be the first state to implement this technology, coming right out of the state in which it was created. The app will stay here, in the United States, never outsourcing the technology, and keeping the revenue here, in the state of Wisconsin. 

We have reached out several times to different individuals of government, with no response. When do we get our chance to start helping emergency personnel, and the people of our communities? Justifeyed has done all we can to get out there and be see, so why haven't you seen us? Now is the time to sit down with us, Governor Walker, we are waiting and ready to meet with the prope who can implement this change. You have the seat to move the people to upgrade to this technology. Each day you look past Justifeyed, is another day someone could potentially lose their life, thay didn't have to.

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