Justifeyed Walks With Green Bay Mayor Schmitt

Justifeyed took a heart health walk today with Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt. The Mayor tied up his tennis shoes, so Justifeyed did too. Being able to put Justifeyed right in front of the Mayor, gave us the opportunity to set up a sit down meeting with him and showcase the app. He too,was impressed when learning of a new technology that will have such a powerful impact on a grand system. 

Justifeyed already has a relationship in the Green Bay community with Zymo Interactive. It is because of Zymo that we are ready to take Justifeyed to the next level, building a stronger relationship with Green Bay. We look forward to sitting down with you Mayor Schmit, thank you for the opportunity. We promise to amaze you with what we have created. Thank you for a great community event. 

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