The Lambeau Experience

It begins hours before kickoff and ends long after the final seconds tick off the clock-the incredible Green Bay Packers "Lambeau Experience!" A day of tailgating, socializing, drinking and amazing foods, sums up the scattered events of a great Packer game. Do you ever look at what makes it a great experience? Maybe it's the wide variety of people, or the tastes and smells of all the delicious food, or perhaps it's all the events and activities in and around the stadium. Have you ever considered it could be the safety and protection the beautiful city already put in place?

When observing all that happens on game days, one thing that certainly sticks out is the alcohol consumption. Although we are Wisconsin and it's Packer, brats and beer, alcohol can also bring out another side to people. Having a team with a winning record over the last 10 years is cause for a lot of celebration, and these celebrations are bound to include alcohol. Emotions are high at these games from the excitement of the day to the frustration of bad calls or rival fans, and alcohol can add fuel to these emotions. With frustration can come heated arguments sometimes leading to physical fights. What happens if a fight breaks out and there are no police or security around; how do you get help quickly? What if you were armed with your own safety tool that provided an instant connection to police being able to not only explain an altercation but show them in real time? This can be so powerful in all areas of concern before, during and after a game.

Another concern you might not think of, or just simply take for granted is parking. Many of the homewoners around the stadium make a little extra money by allowing fans to park in their yards. These people park at these homes trusting the homeowner to provide safety, as well as the homeowner trusting the people are going to be responsible. Now what happens when that individual comes back to their vehicle intoxicated? There is so much that can happen, including accidents and possible heated altercations. That person could possibly injur you, your property, or someone else on your property. Now the question becomes who is liable for what. Does your homeowners insurance cover these types of situations? As a homeowner how about putting a tool in your hands that can provide added security if something happens. Having video evidence at your fingertips can help you instantly, as well as later in a courtroom if needed.

Speaking of parking, area businesses around the stadium also allow fans to park and tailgate in their parking lots on game days. In business parking lots just like the stadium, tailgating often includes grilling. Local businesses offer this privlage to fans as a convienence, so what happens if a grill is left unattended around all the trash that accumulates? What happens if a fire breaks out and injury occurs? Who is held liable and what happens if it turns into a "he said, she said" type of situation? Having a safety tool at your fingetips that can not only alert authorities instantly, but can also show proof of what happened and how, can completely eliminate any question of fault or liability.

These businesses and homeowners are going out of their way to give as many people as possible the complete Lambeau experience, as well as trusting strangers on their properties. Their generousity needs to be protected in more ways than one.

Justifeyed understands the entire Lambeau Experience and traditions that go along with it. What we want to do is keep that tradition alive with the Justifeyed experience of added safety. There is so much that can happen, and the number of fans on any game day, far out weighs the number of police and safety officers. Putting Justifeyed in the hands of the thousands of spectators gives emergency personnel a set of eyes in so many more areas. We are putting pressure on police and security to keep the peace at these games,but think of how much more effective they become with thousands more at their side. These situations can happen in any NFL stadium, but Green Bay seems to have set the standard of experience. Put the safety of Justifeyed in the hands of every one, including the players and fans, and keep the "Lambeau Experience" the best in the NFL. 

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