America's Team And The Can Man

Tailgating is part of the Packer experience. The food, the people, and the drinks, all this excitment in the parking lot of the stadium before the game itself even begins. Once the game starts, the aftermath of all that fun is left behind. A parking lot becomes nothing but cars, bags of trash, and empty bottles and cans up and down the aisles.

Do you ever wonder what happens to all that garbage; in particular the cans? Walking around the stadium, Justifeyed ran into a very amazing young man.  In his Packer t-shirt and Packer hat, this man travels the parking lot on his bike at just about every home game, picking up cans. The special individual carries all of his supplies in a backpack, pulling a small child bike trailer that he puts the full bags of cans in.

Although we do not know his name, he does a great service for the Packer organization. Multiple times he rounds the stadium during the game, litterally putting blood and sweat into picking up these cans. Sadly so many people walk by him never taking the time to talk to him, or simply shake his hand and thank him. He takes great pride in what he does, and all for a small amount of money.

He told us that he is at every home game, unless it's a night game, he hates night games! It's hard to ride his bike across town at night, and harder to see the cans. This young man hears the roar of the crowdat every game, he sees all the excitment of the people around the stadium and all the festivities happening during the game. Yet he humbly pulls in with his bicycle, put son his gloves, and picks up everey can he comes across.

Marcus Evans, creator of Justifeyed, struggles with a disability himself, and connected with this special needs individual and what he was trying to do. What we might see as a small act, this man does with pride, and works hard to make a difference. Not only a difference for the environment, but for his life too.

The young man spike with great pride about making sure he's at every game picking up all the cans. At the time he had one full bag and was so proud of almost having the second one completely full. The smile on his face about what he does truly says it all.

The next time you are at a game and you happen to come ac\ross thsi young man, shake his hand, thank him and show him how apprecaited he is. The Green Bay Packers are known as American's team, so high five the can man and welcome him to the team.



Justifeyed is build to help people like that can man. As many times as he circles the parking lot in any one game, he can come across so much. He may not be able to talk about an emergency situation he sees, or explain that someone, even himself, needs help, but with Justifeyed he can show someone without having to say a word. There is nothing wrong with another set of eyes, no matter whose eyes they are. Never under estimate what a person can do with power at thier fingertips. Donate to or support Justifeyed in any way you can, the tienm for change is now.  

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