Justifeyed And James Madison Middle School

Justifeyed's very own Raianna Evans ,will be showcasing Justifeyed and helping to create a possible partnership with her school,  James Madison middle school in Appleton WI. We all sat down with Principal Dave Torrey today, and he was definitely wowed!

James Madison currently has an app that is geared toward bullying, and reporting it. While that is a great feature,there also needs to be an option for safety. What happens if an instance of bullying escalates into something more,and puts that person in harms way? There should be a way to contact someone immediately.  Put the power of safety in each of these kids hands, and empower them to do the right thing.

Mr. Torrey could truly see all the benefits Justifeyed could offer the students that their current app does not. Raianna has created and over sees the Justifeyed Jr. version of Justifeyed. This version of the app is geared toward our youth under the age of 18. 

Justifeyed wants the relationship with James Madison students to be about more than just downloading an amazing app on their phones, we want them to be a part of the creative process of the system. Give the kids a chance to showcase what they think a Justifeyed work space might look like. As we have seen through Raianna, these kids have beautiful, creative minds to generate excellence. 

Justifeyed is all about the community and giving back; getting our youth involved is a great way to do that. The technology of today can be used for such amazing things, so we need to start using it. There is no better way to use new and revolutionary technology than to empower our youth with it, because that is our future. 

Thank you Mr. Torrey and James Madison for welcoming us with open arms, we look forward to bringing Justifeyed into your school,  and creating a life changing experience. 

This is just another example of why Justifeyed needs the support of the Fox Cities. This incredible app is coming right out of your community. 

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