So Many Schools, So Many Apps

Justifeyed stopped at St. Norberts college in De Pete WI, and spoke with the safety office coordinator Jill Hofer . Curious to see if the college currently had a safety app, we also wanted to offer Justifeyed to them. Hofer advised the school has a safety app,and while it might be a good system, you might be surprised how little it is actually used for safety. According to Hoffer most of what the app is used for is minimal such as noise complaints, and maintenance issues. She stated there is not a lot of crime at the school, not much goes on, because it is a small campus.

Here's what the annual report put out by St. Norbert's shows:

Between 2013 to 2015 reported rape cases jumped from 1 to 7, and what the school refers to as reported fondling cases jumped from 1 in 2013 to 5 in 2015. 

It would seem the trend is going in an upward direction. This is a bit concerning given we were told there really isn't any crime. They may not seem like big numbers, but honestly even one reported case of rape is one too many. Again these are reported cases, what about those that go unreported? 

Oddly enough what team Justifeyed did notice was the lack of safety throughout the campus. This school is litreally right on the water, and there isn't a "blue" light in sight. Safety seems to be taken for granted on this campus. No we are not saying the school isn't safe, but as a parent would you want to make sure that your child had the best possible protection and connection to the proper authorities? How about you knowing or being alerted right away if something happens to your child, just as quickly as authorities? 


Justifeyed is looking to create a unified system throughout college campuses. In doing so this app can be taken anywhere and always serve the same function on any campus. We learned that the St. Norbert's safety app, along with many others, do not offer the one important feature Justifeyed does-critical face to face communication. Don't our students deserve the most up to date and crucial technology to keep them safe? Justifeyed thinks so and that's why we created it. Donate and support the movement of Justifeyed ,because our future deserves the best. 

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