Disasters And Disabilities

Did you know that an estimated 6.1 million children have parents with a disability? Our U.S. legal system is not properly protecting the rights of parents with disabilities, and we need something to change that.

Imagine these parents facing a natural disaster, and struggling with a disability. Panic can begin to set in because in some cases these parents are now out of their comfort zone. People with disabilities face added risks of abandonment, neglect, and do not enjoy equal access to food, health care, and other assistance during a natural disaster. Governments, donors, and aid agencies are overwhelmed with many different priorities during a natural disaster, but they need to ensure that the rights and concerns of people with disabilities are addressed in aid efforts. People with disabilities often have difficulty getting aid because facilities are not accessible and information is not provided in easy-to-understand formats

Ari Ne’eman, an autism-rights activist stated, “Parents with disabilities continue to be the only distinct

community that has to fight to retain, and sometimes gain, custody of their own children.”

How is it fair for a court to decide that, based on a disability you are deemed unfit to parent? So often we fight to keep families together, or bring families together, why should that change because of a disability? It should be as simple as making sure there is enough support out there for the parents to help them with any struggle they may face.


Justifeyed and its creator, Marcus Evans, wants to be the face of change. The voice for those without a voice, the eyes where there are none, and the equality that we all deserve. If you face every day with a disability, are suddenly thrown into a catastrophic event and feel helpless, Justifeyed wants to take that feeling away and give you the tools you need to have the same opportunities to help yourself, as anyone else in those situations. We want to give you the comfort of knowing that someone is just a click away, always there with you.

We need community support to help you. Spread the word of Justifeyed, donate for the cause, and we can make this much needed change. Let the face of Justifeyed be the face of change and equality in your community, for people with disabilities.

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