The Next Chapter Fire And Ice

The victims of the Texas flooding still have a long road ahead of them. It will be weeks before some of those affected even get back to their homes. The waters do not seem to be receding any too quickly, and by now people are getting restless.

Right now people are vulnerable, having to trust in someone they do not know. They have to depend on strangers for food, water, and shelter; sometimes not even knowing the person sleeping right next to them, and having no choice but to trust the situation. Even though you may not know your "neighbor", you come together and share because right now everyone is equal, on equal ground.

Once the waters start to dry, people become mobile again. They head back to their homes and communities wondering what is left. This is when survival of the fittest might begin to set in . People being to have to figure out how to provide for themselves again, maybe not even knowing where to begin. At this point is when things like looting can start. People fighting for the last big of what they see left. Texas is a state where it is legal to carry a gun, so yes, it's even possible shootings will begin to occur as people struggle with what they lost.

Police attention is averted elsewhere, so it becomes easier for crime to occur. Emotions are high in these flood victims, people are devastated and angry, trying to figure out how to go back to their life. High emotions can often spike things in people they never knew were there, so when the law is occupied elsewhere it becomes easier to commit a crime. The problem is that everyone is so focus elsewhere they do not even seeing it coming.  


The piece that is missing is another set of eyes other than police, or the 911 dispatch system. Something to assist the police or those in need when an emergency occurs. Justifeyed is exactly that- the eye of Justice when the law is missing. Putting a powerful mobile application of safety in the hands of these people, gives them a sense of empowerment in a situation where they can feel like they have nothing left. Justifeyed can alert authorities of a crime occurring when they are focused elsewhere helping to prevent more tragedy while cleaning up from another. Crime may be able to hide from the law, but remember no crime can hide from Justifeyed.

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