Yesterday's Technology VS Today's Problems

Houston Texas Mayor Sylvester Turner, did not order a mandatory evacuation amid an impending tropical storm and potential massive flooding. While many citizens chose to leave anyway, the heavy rains caused massive flooding leave lost who stayed behind stranded in their homes.

With such a widespread area in Texas affected by the storm and flooding, the 911 dispatch system is being inundated with calls. These centers are struggling with call volumes even in cases where they are up and running. As of Monday 16 emergency call centers were affected by the storm. The problem there in lies, who do people turn to now. The first 911 call took place on February 16th, 1968, and unfortunately the way we use the system or how the system works, hasn't changed much to date.

Callers are still practically filling out an application to advise the dispatcher of the problem, and in most cases their location. Valuable time is lost answering all these questions. With today's technology you should be able to simply show dispatch what is happening, dispatch should know your area, and help you quicker. An outdated system is going to slow us down.

Right now people in Texas are stranded, sitting in rising waters and can't even get through to 911 dispatch. In some cases no one knows they are out there. Having a system with face to face communication these people could show someone they are out there, where they are, and that they need help. Houston Mayor Turner stated that because of all the calls overwhelming the 911 system, only those with "life threatening" call should be using 911. Isn't everyone there in a life threatening situation? Now with an outdated system we have to pick and choose who matters? The system is outdated and needs a dramatic updated. Calls coming in and situations being seen, can move so much quicker, allowing for more calls to be taken and more people helped.

What we do know is that disasters like these are going to happen time and time again, but with the same results due to an outdated system, if someone doesn't make a change. Are these communities going to sit back and just wait for the next disaster to occur? Complain about the same problems instead of find a solution? Put it this way, are you going to watch your people struggle and possibly die the next time, or are ou going to help them live?


Government official's in these areas need to pay attention to the solution staring them in the face. Justifeyed can be the solution to the gap of the update the 911 dispatch systems needs. Face to face communication can be so beneficial in natural disasters like tropical storms and flooding. Giving dispatch a set of eyes in an emergency situation makes them that much more powerful, and eliminates so many questions. A major problem needs a big solution and Justifeyed is it. Together Justifeyed and government can create a powerful change; so lets combine forces.

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