Social Media Disaster

in 2004, Facebook was created to connect with friends,family and other people you know to share photos,videos and much more. Instagram came out in 2010 and was made as a simple, fun and creative way to capture, edit and share photos, videos and messages with friends. Twitter which made a big splash into the appstores in 2006, was for sharing breaking news, and entertainment, all the way to sharing sports and politics.

Now those social media outlets aren't only being used for pictures and funny videos, but in Texas it's becoming an outlet to save peoples lives, or to attempt to find where people are stuck and on the verge of dying, while the waters are rapidly rising. Several news outlets have reported that people have said, Houston did not have the resources for this size of a natural disaster . People that are stuck in Hurricane Harvey are taking videos and pictures, but what if they had a tool to send videos and pictures immediately to authorities and emergency personnel. Having an app on their phone for more than entertainment, but for safety. Imagine the impact this could have in Texas right now.


In a natural disaster like a flood, if 911 is not an option or unreachable, Justifeyed can be. Most phones are water resistant so they will still work when wet. Reaching out to Justifeyed will instantly show where you are, the situation you are in and the people around you. A visual connection helps emergency personnel better understand how to help you. In a time when the weather is quick and powerful, shouldn't you have a safety tool that's quick and powerful as well. Government officials need to look at the problem and use Justifeyed as a solution in their communities. More situations like this are going to happen and entertainment apps and social media are not meant to be safety tools, people need something for safety, and that safety is Justifeyed.

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