Marcus Evans Completes Justifeyed Prototype

Justifeyed has officially completed one of the biggest steps to our success. Today we met with our development company Zymo Interactive and have officially completed the prototype! Taking our idea and brining it to life is so exhilarating. Peter and David really listened to what we had to say, and saw the vision with us. They believed in the concept and the potential the app has, just as much as we did. Each meeting Peter and David took the time to go over and brainstorm each facet to the app. Their attention to detail for what Justifeyed is about was like no other. What an amazing journey to have been on with them. Peter, David, and Tyler are incredible individuals with perfect sense to bringing a vision to reality. The Justifeyed team struck gold when being paired with this team at Zymo, and we will continue to be blessed with the beautiful app they have helped us create. 

Justifeyed let no grass grow under our feet and hit the streets to all the areas we could, to present the future of safety and how it will benefit any one, any time, any where. Here we come criminals, be prepare to be Justifeyed.

With more community support we will be able to put Justifeyed in the palm of your hands sooner than later. Major thanks to my Justifeyed team Raianna Evans, Melisa Meyer and Anthony Evans, who have been at my side through this entire process. Without their late nights and hard work this would have never been possible.

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