Justifeyed Visits The Fighting Phoenix

Justifeyed had the pleasure of visiting the UWGB campus today. The setting and surrounding area is really beautiful. The university is a little off the beaten path, however this only adds to the beauty with all the nature. The students and staff are very welcoming and helpful, which is an added asset. We were fortunate enough to speak to a few key players to set up a future meeting, to present our prototype and potentially partner with them to launch the Justifeyed app. 

While looking around campus and observing different facets, we were concerned about safety. Like most colleges in the area they do have the blue light towers; however they seem very dated. The problem with an outdated system is the concern as to when was the last time it was updated? Has it been updated to be compatible with today's technology? What about the students and staff; do they know where these tower are located throughout campus?

It was quite alarming while traveling the halls of different buildings, looking at the maps and seeing nothing for safety. The big bold colorful maps, show you all the different buildings, where you are, how to get where you want to go, but nothing about where the blue light towers are. There is nothing on the maps for safety, or how close you are to the safety towers. For the security of the students, staff, and even visitors shouldn't this be something they can find on a map? The only reason we found the one we did was because it happen to be on the path of the building we were walking into. For a campus that is in the middle of no where this is a bit scary.

This campus is partly surrounded by water and completely surrounded by trees and forest, with this hi-lighting safety doesn't seem to be a priority. The building hallways have many twists and turns making it so easy to get turned around as you go. What happens if you come across an emergency situation, or become lost? Indoors you can easily run into another person to help you, but what if you are walking outside? Walking on a path through the woods, or taking the long way around to your next class, and something happens, you wouldn't know by looking on a map where the nearest safety tower is.

Weather can also be a factor when looking out for your safety. Snow and ice on the paths you walk on in the winter months, or being caught in a storm or the threat of a tornado in the warmer months. Knowing where to go and how to get there needs to be better hi-lighted on the UWGB campus. Let the beauty of the area be reflected in every aspect of the campus, including safety.   

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