Welcome to the FEMA mobile application. This government app is designed around natural disasters. Going over this app has left many concerns, and gaps when looking at consumer safety.

One of the biggest downfalls to this app is how it helps you. What does the app do for you DURING a disaster? Offering weather alerts allows the user to seek safety to prevent an emergency situation, but does not offer assistance if caught in the disaster as it's actually happening. This can be life threatening to the consumer.

People travel for many reasons, to many different regions of the United States. When you leave your area you must manually update the app to your location. Being caught off guard is dangerous in an unfamiliar area. Each region poses it's own type of natural disasters, yet the app seems geared toward areas of flood and fire, but there are many more weather disasters that can occur.The Midwest and East Coast can have a state of emergency due to ice, cold, snow, or tornadoes. The app should be able to follow you, not you follow the app.

Thank you FEMA for the technology you offer to the consumer, while it may be useful in some areas, it is definitely lacking in others.

*Feel free to check out the reviews of the app on Google Play, or Apple ITunes 


If FEMA would partner with Justifeyed, an incredible and powerful mobile application could be put in the palms of our hands. The Justifeyed app will be able to assist the user caught in that flood, fire, snowstorm, or tornado, as it's happening if needed.

When traveling the Justifeyed app will alert you to what is happening in each area you travel through or in, there's no need to update your location the app follows you.

Not only does the Justifeyed app help with natural disasters, but sometimes these disasters bring out crime as the eyes of the law are focused elsewhere. With the focus elsewhere people tend to loot and create chaos.

The gaps with FEMA can be overcome with the Justifeyed app adding to it. Today's powerful technology comes with the new safety app of Justifeyed, add that to the useful pieces of the FEMA app, and an unstoppable force, can help to save so many lives nationwide. Sometimes crime and disaster go hand in hand, and having both sides covered creates a more unified and stable system.

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