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News video hits social media showing a student assaulting a teacher the first month of 2017-18 school year. This video is shocking and hard to watch ,but many times last year, situations like this occurred and many schools have swept it under the rug. For a new teacher coming to a new school and not knowing what they're walking into, this can be dangerous. Justifeyed wants to prepare the student, the parent and the teacher with a couple questions and things that you may want to run over with each other this school year.

  • . Parents - Always talk to your child about all of their classrooms, and how they feel about their teachers Ask your child does he or she have a safety plan in place if something happens

  •  Students - Allowing someone to get bullied in front of you and not say anything to an adult at school or home, is not taking responsibility . If you hear about a fight going on before or after school say something to an adult. Watching someone get hurt for entertainment is just not the cool thing to do to be responsible. Also, please do not just watch a teacher be bullied or assaulted either. Get help, find another adult. If you have a headache do not take any medication, over the counter or otherwise from anyone, even if it's your friend. Taking the wrong medication, or someone else's medication, can result in a serious emergency situation.

  • Teachers - As a teacher always put the kid's first and take all the time necessary to teach a lesson. Growing and molding young minds for their future, is an important aspect of being a teacher, and what you do for your students. Your compensation may not reflect the job you do, but a teacher works as hard as anyone else, if not harder. As a teacher you must understand that all kids come from different backgrounds, and social circles.

  • Teachers- Bringing your issues from your home life to the classroom can be a tragedy when molding young minds. As adults when walking into school to teach these young minds ,teach them how to be adults, and lead by example, remember they are just kids. Sometimes they're going to make mistakes, but as a teacher you must see that you can always bring light to a life where there is none. To some of these kids that can literally mean no lights in their house, and the only brightness they see is when they come to school. 

  •  Teachers the world is yours so teach our youth how to be great in and out of school. Especially those who do not see greatness inside themselves, show them, because one day that individual could walk back to the school to be a great motivator and educator because someone believed in them.

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