Wisconsin Needs Justifeyed

Wisconsin mobile safety apps : the apps that we will briefly talk about in list below are apps created by police departments, colleges and some high schools. While they serve their own purpose, they are only for one particular area or school, it is not something to travel with you, and they are all different. 

  • UW Oshkosh- Titan Alert; Text messaging alert system used to communicate important campus information

  • P3 Tips - A good app showing use in all states, however many cities and counties are not listed; also needs to be more beneficial to victims and witnesses

  • Appleton P.D.- Right now only works on older android versions of phones; could be used to encourage community involvment if the app worked on newer phones

  • Neighborhood Crime Watch-Problems with GPS and location detection

  • Spot Crime/ Crime Map- The map does not show where the actual crime took place and does not show how it does state wide

  • Green Bay Crime Stoppers- For use in the city of Green Bay, is run by citizens so information goes through them before it gets to the proper authorities; they do offer rewards to report crime

  • Block Watch-The main focus seems to be a chat forum for recommendations for doctors, dentists, babysitters, or to report lost animals; reporting crime seems to be a low priority for this app

  • Next Door Phone App- No real time videos; alert neighbors before authorities

Not to take away all the hard work from these programs, but when it comes to your safety the best possible app to help you should be selected or considered.  What we are going to do is compare the Justifeyed app, to some of the other apps in our state of Wisconsin. What is msising is consistancey in these apps. A safety app should be able to travel with you, just as crime travels, so should your safety. This technology should be created here in the U.S. from the crime and safety of the U.S., not outsourced over seas to people that do not see the crime here on a daily basis.  Justifeyed will provide this keeping the revenue and jobs here.

 Once we provide this information to our state that Jutsifeyed has the potential to overshadow the others; we hope that this can convince the state and nation that Justifeyed LLC is the only app you need, and the one app you might want to invest in before the 2017 is year is over.

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