Safety Isn't Your Only Position Ha Ha

Justifeyed sees you Mr. Ha Ha Cliton-Dix and we love what you are doing. Those same officers names you proudly display on your shoes, we have talked about on our blog. We admire the message you are sending.

Justifeyed is a powerful mobile safety app, that is looking to be the new Neighborhood watch. Justifeyed knows how valuable time can be in an emeregency situation, and we have the solution to giving back that time lost. We want to better prepare emergency personnel for every situation they go into before they get there. Being a safety in the game of football you need to protect from a distance, and that's exactly what Justifeyed will give you the power to do. When we see a crime we can record it and report it so it gets to the proper authorities quicker, in turn getting help there quicker.

As the Neighborhood Watch Justifeyed will provide real time information of what is happening as it happens, and this will create safer communities. The Justifeyed logo will give comfort to the citizens in that neighborhood, and hesitation to the criminals.

Justifeyed has reached out to many different avenues , including Mayor Hanna, the mayor of Appleton, with very postive feedback. On Saturday August 19th, Justifeyed was featured in an article on the front page of the Post Crescent, along with the 1 Million Cups program.  We have also connected with local law enforcement, again with great interest.

We know that you are currently persuing a Crimnal Justice degree through the University of Alabama, and wanted to bring this incredible app to your attention. Justifeyed has the potentail to bring down the crime rate, while providing safer communitites. Also by creating this technology in the United States, and giving jobs to college students, we keep the revenue in your communities.

Ha Ha if Justifeyed could have just a half hour of your time to show you exactly what this mobile app can provide, we may be able to work together to create a powerful upgrade to our current emergency dispatch system, and Neighborhood Watch. Please reach out to us on our website or on facebook at

Justifeyed believes if crime travels, your safety should too, with the eye of justice.  

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