Welcome To College

In honor of all the incoming college freshman out there preparing to "leave the nest", Justifeyed wants to remind you that staying safe is all about the game plan. As you pack up and get ready for the college life, there is one extremely important thing to remember-YOU are responsible for your own actions.

Most colleges and universities will have some type of campus security, but what happens when you are not on campus? You should be able to take that security and safety with you.

Take the time to study not only the campus but the neighborhoods too. Get an idea for the best routes to take to and from classes, or to get you home safely. Drive down "fraternity row" on weekend nights, and find out where everyone hangs out the most. Remember, alcohol and drug abuse is involved in about 90% of campus crime, so never hesitate to report anything you see that doesn't seem right, or looks dangerous. Safety is not only about you, it's about keeping those around you safe too.

Try to always travel in groups or with at least one other person, especially at night. A group of people is more intimidating and powerful than just one person. Criminals in college towns look for the "newbies" to victimize. The more familiar you are with the area, the less you become a target.


Justifeyed can help you make the best decisions as either an incoming a freshman, or a returning student . Justifeyed's  main focus is to keep you and your child safe and informed. We are here to not only keep students safe on and off campus, but to keep parents aware of their child's safety too. Justifeyed is going to be the new technology to keep campuses and universities safe and clean from crime. If 94% of people carry their phones with them, why not make your phone a safety tool.

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