Beauty Has Its Dangers

National parks may not have crowded streets or busy highways but reckless drivers can be found everywhere. Hiking represents a great way to discover these beautiful wonders of our national parks, while exercising and learning more about the world we live in. Most people choose clear safe hiking trails, but there are also numerous dare devils who prefer dangerous ones. This is mostly due to the fact that dangerous hiking trails have a degree of risk that many people enjoy, while hiding beautiful sceneries. Before going on a hiking trip, or exploring these beautiful parks, it is important to fully understand the dangers that you are exposing yourself to, and to do everything possible to lessen the risks that you'll have to deal with. Joshua Jacobsen, supposedly entered Badlands National Park on July 12th 2015 after taking a few days off from his new job in Laurel for a spiritual journey he'd been meaning to make for years. The 39-year-old sent a text message to Darla Darnell, the woman he'd lived with for nearly a decade. They weren't together anymore but had been talking about reconciling. The text was a photo of Badlands National Park. He'd made it. In September 2015, a body found in a ravine was positively identified as Jacobsen. Arizona is well -known throughout the world for the wonderful sceneries that it hides. However many of these are quite remote and getting access to them can only be done via hiking. An example is the Bright Angel Trail, where tourists often have to deal with extreme heat along with the upward trek back; because of this, numerous hikers require the assistance of the area park rangers every year. Several deaths have been reported in this region. On June 29, 2011 13 year old Justin Lee Richardson who had been visiting the Grand Canyon, mysteriously disappeared . Reportedly he went into the woods behind Moqui Lodge South to attend a party and obtain meth. He went with three men and hasn't been heard from or seen since. Utah is full of numerous hiking trails, yet many tourists choose to adventure into The Maze. It represents the most remote regions of the national park , and receives roughly 2,000 visitors every year. Its important to keep in mind that navigating through the maze is nearly impossible, yet rangers do their best to warn tourists about these dangers beforehand. Recently no causalities have taken place in this area, but many have gotten injured after falling. Although nature has its risks it has its rewards as well. Justifeyed- Sometimes the beauty we enjoy is blinding, and we forget to be prepared. We believe we are prepared but when the unexpected happens, it becomes abundantly clear we are not. Justifeyed is the technology you need at the moment you didn't know you did. The one piece of technology we all have no matter where we go is our phones. Shouldn't that phone then be equipped to be a life saving device for you? Justifeyed offers you a connection to emergency personnel, even if you can't speak or do not know where you are. Enjoy the beauty and adventure National parks offer with Justifeyed, this way you are never alone, you always have a friend in safety. 

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