Marcus and Marcus Launching Justifeyed

Marcus Evans the creator and founder of Justifeyed is a powerhouse of knowledge that is bringing this app to life. People were able to see first hand what all the sleepless nights, and hours of hard work and dedication is bringing to the world. Every piece of the rollercoaster of imagination this concept entails Marcus has hit head on with greatness, never looking back, knowing the world will benefit from this.

Justifeyed had the pleasure of pitching our app once again to an audience of entrepreneurs through Launch Wisconsin. We received so much praise and kudos for our concept and how we work together as a team. However we were also blessed with constructive criticism that is valuable to us to be able to sharpen our presentation.

Everyone was very receptive to the concept of Justifeyed and what it can bring to neighborhoods all over the United States. Marcus and John at Launch Wisconsin are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, giving us nothing but support. This was a great experience and we were able to meet some amazing people, that we can network with and continue to grow. It is because of opportunities like Launch Wisconsin with people like Marcus and John, that Justifeyed is going to be nothing short of revolutionary!

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