The Big Gap

What would you do if you had to wait 5 hours for help after calling 911?

A women who lives on Milwaukee's north side said she recovered seven bullets in her home, one of which went through the headboard of her daughter-in-law's bed. Frightened, she called 911, but a response from police didn't come for several hours. "I understand there's a lot of crime in the city. They have a lot of calls or whatever, but someone to wait five hours, the whole house could have been dead," a frustrated Theresa Anderson said.

In a statement to WISN 12 news, a police spokesperson said officers were sent to other emergencies and crimes in progress, after receiving information that there were no injuries or suspects on the scene in Anderson's case. "During the time this happened, there was a large call volume in District Four. Officers were dispatched to the scene as soon as possible. We continue to investigate a motive,'' the spokesperson said. Although no one was seriously injured or killed, it shows a lack of urgency on the part of emergency personnel.


Every minute is valuable in an emergency so waiting for hours is not an option. Justifeyed is here to bridge the gap of valuable time wasted. The power of technology that protects you should be right at your fingertips, and with Justifeyed, no matter where you go it will be. In the state of Wisconsin, by the year 2020, the hardware and software for the emergency dispatch system will be obsolete,so we want to work together to upgrade this system, to prevent other situations like the one above from occurring.

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