Parents Be Prepared For The Unexpected This School Year

The school shootings of a small community like Sandy Hook or a big one like Columbine shows us that any area can be affected by this. These events are growing in number each school year.The question of how much detail to go into ,and how much depth to cover for this issue is always an age-appropriate decision.You certainly don't want to scare your younger kids into not wanting to go to school anymore because they fear being shot, but you also don't want them always assuming the adults at the school can provide all the answers or keep them completely protected. School district officials and on campus leaders, teachers, and staff are doing their best to adapt to this problem (which was exceedingly rare prior to Columbine in 1999), so it makes sense to teach your kids to follow the instructions when they hear them, but to know that their first order of protection is them-selves. In most cases of school violence,the perpetrator engaged in "third party leakage," meaning he or she told someone about wanting to shoot up the school. More recent research into the latest school shootings suggests that the perpetrator works alone, and typically make entry through the main entrance to the school. If you have junior high and high school-aged students, tell them to listen to hallway chatter. In doing this it could potentially save their life and save the lives of others.The perpetrator in most cases has been bullied, humiliated or has had a significant loss in their personal or school lives.


Justifeyed can help save lives every single day, you deserve to feel safe and protected, but the moment that feeling is shaken Justifeyed is the voice you can trust to help you get through it. Justifeyed is dedicated to bringing awareness to parents and students toward the epidemic of school shootings. We want to give the parents comfort in knowing their children are protected before, during and after school. Justifeyed is the solution to the added protection our kids need in school.

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