One Million Cups

On Wednesday August 9th, at 9am,team Justifeyed will present our mobile application to the 1 Million Cups organization.The audience is known to be filled with news outlets and potential investors from all over the globe because of the live streaming. This is a huge step in the right direction for Justifeyed to be seen on a large scale to the right people. This opportunity puts Justifeyed at the forefront of investor interest to bring Justifeyed to life.

We invite you to support us on this adventure in one of two ways; either by joining us in person at the Bordini Center of Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton WI, or by watching the free live stream at This is a forum where we will be able to showcase Justifeyed, and all the upgrades and enhancements it will contribute to our communities and emergency personnel. Many people are excited to hear what we have to offer and can not wait to see our presentation. Hope to see you there, or have you tune in!

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