Why Not Use Both?

Police were called to a scene on Dousman Street in Green Bay WI, in front of a gas station earlier this week, for a group of what appears to be all adolescent girls that got into a fight , and a video of it spread all over social media.

"During some of the still photos, there was a hammer being used, you can see one of the suspects swinging the hammer," Captain John Laux with the Green Bay Police Department said. Social media posts have been turned over to school resource officers to help identify more suspects.

Posting videos of fights on the Internet seems to be a growing trend. One video that was posted, then removed by the poster, on Facebook racked up 40,000 views. "Not so much the juvenile fighting that's increased, it's the fact that they're putting it out there on social media," Captain Laux said. "I don't know if it's an attention thing, but they're not helping themselves. What these kids are putting out is violence and I don't understand it." "I would encourage to use your phone to call the police, not to record it," he said. "We have to teach these kids coping skills, I think that we're seeing these kids need to handle their aggression in a different manner other than fighting."

The fight is still an open investigation.


Sadly this is a case we hear all to often with our youth lately. Justifeyed is able to offer a better solution than recording and posting these altercations for entertainment purposes. With the Justifeyed app you are able to use your phone to record these situations for a bigger purpose. Captain Laux stated that he would rather these kids call the police with their phone and NOT record the fights. Justifeyed says, why not do both? With this mobile application you are able to record crime and emergencies as they are happening, and alert the proper authorities at the same time. This is what is needed in today's society. Kids are not going to stop recording these situations, so why not offer a dual solution. As parents and teachers our future is only as bright as the tools and knowledge we give to our kids. Put the safety tool of Justifeyed in the palm of their hands, and empower them to make the future brighter and safer for everyone. Donate and support Justifeyed now to bring our future to life.

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