Golden Teacher

The Golden Apple award goes to phenomenal teachers that encourage their students to be the best they can be. These high - spirited teachers go into their classrooms hoping for the most positive things to come out in their students day. Kerstin Westcott was a Golden Apple recipient in 2014, and has been teaching for almost 9 years in the Green Bay Wisconsin school district at Washington Middle School. Kerstin Westcott is not only a Golden Apple recipient, but she is a teacher that has put in the hard work and effort as a teacher and her students "she makes learning as fun as possible" stated a student. Westcott shows her students how technology can help help the kids stay safe throughout their life.


Phenomenal teachers like Kerstin deserve to be safe and protected in school.With a resource like Justifeyed we are able to provide multiple options of safety and contact with the appropriate authorities.Teachers sometime have a thankless job,but with Justifeyed you can thank them for all they do by putting safety and protection in their hand.They should protect our children in any way they can, but they deserve the same in return. Donate or support us now to protect our teachers and children.

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