Teachers Deserve Safety Too

A teacher is taken to the hospital by ambulance with a bleeding head wound caused by a fight; a student pinned down so other students could take his shoes; physical, verbal, emotional, mental and sexual abuse on a daily basis toward teachers;or how about 7 different principals in 6 years.

So much violence and aggression, sounds like something out of a movie, or a place like inner city Chicago doesn't it? Sadly this is not something Spielberg dreamt up, this is reality, This is the reality of just one school in the pristine city of Green Bay WI, home of "America's team" A school where so many teachers suffer PTSD because of all they go through each school year for at least the last 5 years. How safe would you feel sending your child there, or WOULD you even send them there?

Sixth-grade teacher Kerstin Westcott said her calling had been to work with at-risk kids, and working at Washington Middle School was her dream job, but has resigned because of what she says are safety issues at the School. She stated she felt the school had been on a downward spiral for the last 5 years, and that she and her colleagues "are sworn at and are called vile, rude and sexual names every day" She got emotional talking about how one teacher throws up every Sunday night dreading the school week and says teachers are suffering from PTSD.

It is not just the staff but the students too. Westcott has seen good kids go bad due to feeling like being aggressive is the only way to survive. Children exposing themselves to teachers, or skipping classes and pounding on doors to engage other kids to fight instead of learn, all of this happens with little to no consequences.

She asks for help with the violence and other issues, and says she just wants the school board to follow the handbook.


As parents we send our kids to school expecting them to learn and be safe in the hands of the staff; however we should also expect the same from our children to show respect for those educators. The consequence to the school district not putting a stop to this is a vicious cycle. The teachers are stressed and worn down, which reflects in how hard it is to educate in an environment like that, in turn the kids become stressed and frustrated feeling like it's a battle field they are in all the time.

Justifeyed will be the tool that holds these students accountable for their actions, and gives the school district a chance to put a stop to this type of behavior before it escalates. Put safety in the palm of these teachers hands to get help to them quickly when it's needed. Safety and protection is not just a on way street, our educators deserve the same as the students they protect and keep safe every day.

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