T.I. Shouldn't The Communities Be JUSTIFEYED

So much talent has come out of Atlanta GA, including a lot of rap artists. These men put so much reality into their lyrics, real life words they have experienced and seen before making it big. Gang bangers are everywhere, and in so many areas of the city people are born and raised into this way of life.

Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia on September 25th 1980 to Violeta Morgan and Clifford Harris. Junior was raised mostly by his grandmother in the Centre Hill neighborhood of Atlanta while his parents stayed back in New York for professional reasons. Some years later, his father died of Alzheimer’s diseases and Harris received a shock that would haunt him for years to come. At the age of 8, T.I. explored the world of rapping and started writing his own lyrics. He dropped out of Douglass High School which was also attended by fellow rappers Little John and Killer Mike. He was such a troublesome little boy, getting into a life of crime, including drugs, guns, and gang activity, that by the time he turned 14, he had been jailed several times; his love for rap music kept him strong through the rough times and by the time he turned 16, he started creating mix tapes with the help of his buddies and would sell them out of car trunks.

Just as T.I. was becoming associated with Hollywood glamour and more mainstream stardom, legal issues put a temporary halt on his success. He was taken into custody by federal authorities the night of 2007's BET Awards and slapped with a litany of gun possession charges. After successfully arguing for house arrest while awaiting trial, T.I. pleaded guilty and agreed to serve one year in prison and complete 1,000 hours of community service talking to kids about the dangers of drugs, gangs and violence. While confined to his home, T.I. released a handful of YouTube videos and completed the majority of the writing for his sixth full-length album, Paper Trail.

Literally rising from the bottom all the way to the top, T.I. is considered to be one of the most successful rappers alive, having a career that has spanned over 20 years. Throughout this 20 years T.I. has been nominated for 170 different awards, and won 64 of them. He has also been active with helping communities especially with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, T.I. worked with troubled youths at Paulding Detention Center in Atlanta, and provided scholarships for single parent families at Boys and Girls Clubs.


T.I. ,before you have seen success, you have also experienced your own tragedies in gang ridden communities, and a very different way of life inside of Atlanta. Justifeyed wants to work together, with you, to give empowerment to those that still live there, and other gang infested areas, that will not see the success you have, or the chance to get out. Justifeyed offers a tool of safety, to give freedom and motivation for change to these communities through knowledge. Knowledge is power and Malcolm X once said "They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power, but while Justifeyed isn't a black or white thing, it is a wrong or right thing. Justifeyed is a way to put safety back into the community, and hold everyone, including police accountable for their actions. You can be at a family barbeque with safety and security right at your fingertips. T.I. you have seen good communities go bad, and know what this does for the youth and gang activity, you know this because you have lived it. As you stated "they would rather give you 50 years than a scholarship, and Justifeyed wants to be the tool that changes this outlook. The hood is still there and will continue to be, even if you are not, so help us to give the kids there a fighting chance to be something more, something great; give them a way to put down the guns. @T.I. @Atlanta, Georgia

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