Justifeyed Reaches Out To Wisconsin Local Government For A Change

Justifeyed is a powerful mobile application that enhances personal security. The app allows the user to easily record a potentially criminal or harmful event on their cellphone, while simultaneously reporting them to the appropriate authorities.

Justifeyed has previously reached out to the Mayors of Appleton and Green Bay, unfortunately with no response. The biggest thing we want them to understand is what we can bring into the communities. This app can offer a resource for over worked public defenders to be more efficient with their current case loads, and even bring down court costs. Right now there is nothing out there like this app. This is a safety tool that will benefit everyone including police departments, and emergency dispatch.

Wisconsin currently has an outdated emergency dispatch system, but working together with Justifeyed can bring a cost effective update to the system. Police forces that do not have body cams, or are in smaller communities that can't afford them, can also work in conjunction with Justifeyed as an added resource to better benefit every situation.

The state of Wisconsin is generally a safe place to live and raise a family, but we all know that being prepared for anything is better than wishing you had been. Together we can do so much. Justifeyed is offering a solution for a worldwide epidemic of crime and safety. The first app of its kind to connect multiple emergency personnel at one time.

Justifeyed is looking for the opportunity to sit down with you Mayor Timothy Hanna, Mayor Jim Schmitt, and even Governor Scott Walker. Just 30 minutes of your time to talk about working together to support our communities, and empower the people with safety and security at their fingertips.

Please check out our website www.justifeyed.com and reach out to us via email at Justifeyed@yahoo.com

Also visit our go fund me page at www.gofundme.com/justifeyed-com

We can be such a powerful force if we team up and work together. @scottkwalker @GreenBayCity @appletoncityhall @Donald J. Trump

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