Wedding Bells And Shotgun Shells

Have you ever been in public and someone out of the blue starts shooting? During the summer, during possible alcohol fueled altercations, a lot of people will try to prove a point or they are angry or hurt and take it out on other people. Justifeyed wants to help you be prepared if you ever end up in this situation. What you are about to read below is something that happens way to often these days.

On July 9 ,2017 downtown Steven Point WI Rockies Bar was closed for a private wedding party when a physical altercation involving multiple people broke out. Soon after, a man fired at least five rounds from a .40 caliber handgun into the ceiling. About 150 people attended the party. Many were from outside of the Stevens Point area, including Milwaukee, Madison, Minnesota and California. Incidentally,there were no reported injuries associated with shooting. Police stated they found 3 handguns none of which were the gun that was shot. There were surveillance cameras outside the bar but since it was a private party the front door was locked and guests entered through the back door. The Stevens Point Police Department is looking for an Asian male responsible for firing a gun at least five times in that bar during the wedding party that night.


Justifeyed could have helped, with someone capturing the altercation on the app that led to the shots being fired, and gotten the footage immediately to the proper authorities. In doing so this could have possibly prevented the shooting all together. Justifeyed is not only here to help you but everyone around you as well. Justifeyed wants to be your new and improved safety plan. Support and Donate to Justifeyed.

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