Someone Could've Seriously Got Hurt

Do you have a safety plan for you and your neighborhood? What happens if someone sets off a homemade explosive device in front of your neighbors house would you know what to do ? Justifeyed is here to be your new safety plan, and what you're about to read below may not always happen but it can.

On July 9, 2017, residents in a subdivision near Appleton North High School in Wisconsin, reported hearing loud detonation like noises. Police were called to a home on the 1300 block of Wyndmere Drive early Sunday morning after the homeowners heard such a noise. When police arrived, they found the front door of the home and a lawn ornament had been damaged. A statement released by Appleton Police Department characterized the situation as a teenage prank. That's the impression they was under, but added that it's a serious offense to get police investigators involved.The device was made in part from a prescription pill bottle. It's not uncommon for these kinds of explosives to pop up around the Fourth of July, police said. However, homemade explosives are dangerous,and the people involved in this incident could face felony charges.The Appleton Police Department is looking for the individuals responsible for making the explosive device that caused the damage to the Appleton home.


In this case no one got seriously injured, but in some cases people can get seriously injured, and it can even become fatal. Justifeyed wants to make sure that you and your neighbors are safe; to be the new and improved neighborhood watch. Having this app on their phones, anyone who heard what was happening or even saw what was taking place, could have recorded the event and the guilty parties might have been caught. Support or donate to Justifeyed to keep our neighborhoods safe.

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