Wisconsin's Sister Bay Safety

Sister Bay wants to serve you and strives to make sure your needs are met when you visit the village. If you need car repairs, camera accessories or a haircut, Sister Bay can serve those needs. If you own a second home in Sister Bay and need professional services like legal or insurance advisement, financial assistance, an electrician or plumber, you will find the help you need in Sister Bay. As the year-round community of northern Door County, businesses in Sister Bay provide the amenities of a city with small-town quaintness: medical clinics and full time pharmacists, a commercial hardware store, full sized grocery store, multiple gas and convenience stations, a retirement community providing care for seniors with all types of health issues, a year-round children’s day care center, boat repair and docking, a general merchandise discount store, and a garden supply business.

The Waterfront Park is a great place to sit on a bench and take in the sights.The beach is great. The park has something for every age. During peak season, summer, people are often swimming, sailing, picnicking and relaxing. On Wednesday evenings in the summer, there are free concerts in the parks amphitheater, and you can hear music all over the park. This park is a beautiful spot to take in a Door County sunset or walk around and enjoy the views by the water. The view is so serene a perfect place to read a book and relax. On summer days jumping off the pier is one of the kids highlights. Not to mention the rentals from boats to kayaks to paddle boards.

We at Justifeyed had the chance to visit Sister Bay recently. The city and scenery is beautiful, and there is so much to do and see. However, one thing we noticed was the lack of safety presence or safety guidelines. There was nothing posted or noted anywhere of what to do in the event of an emergency. Sure we all understand that we can call 911, and while there is a clinic in the city, the nearest actual hospital is 40-45 minutes away, can your injury wait that long? While walking along the beaches and boardwalks, there are no emergency towers in the event something goes wrong, or you see an emergency situation. Water is all around, it surrounds a lot of the attractions and fun the city wants you to take part in. Still in the event something happens in this water or while in a boat, your help is 15,20,30 or even 40 minutes away. How is that ok? It seems as though as long as the consumer is spending time and money in the city, that's all that really matters. The city has no police presence either, so at anytime a criminal could come in reek havoc in the city, and probably have a good half hour to before anyone comes to the rescue. Shouldn't your safety be a number one priority.

Justifeyed is needed in this city and in the people's hands that visit there. This app will offer a safety and security where there doesn't seem to be any. The user will have an instant connection to emergency personnel, and the opportunity to enjoy all the city has to offer knowing safety is right at their fingertips. Never assume that crime and emergencies do not happen in your town, and that something like Justifeyed is not needed, those are the moments when the unexpected happens and no one is prepared. Donate and support Justifeyed now to bring a tool of safety to this and many other tourist cities.

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