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So many electrifying rap artists have come out of the South, including talented young artists Swae Lee ( Khalif Malikibnsham Brown) , Slim Jimmy (Aaquil Brown) a brother duo better known as Rae Sremmurd. Tupelo, which is one of the most crime infested areas in Mississippi, was home to the brothers. They moved to Ida Street Housing Projects, shortly after the move their parents got divorced leaving them on the streets to take care of themselves. The brothers lived in abandoned houses throughout their youth,eventually turning those houses into hot spots where they had the most insane parties in the city and played their songs. As they continued to make music they started performing at bars and parties, and once they released their song "Put It In Rotation", they landed shows in Atlanta, Georgia and Kentucky. Their catchy songs got out locally and some even got played on the radio. BET106 Park, contacted the boys in 2013 to appear in there Wild ' n Out Wednesday segment where they got second place. By now their career was starting to line up they had meetings with Sony and Death Jam records to possibly get signed, but were denied. After going back home and working minimal jobs their music got recognized, and they were introduced to producer and artist Mike WiLL Made-It.After they moved to Atlanta and they finally made it big.


Rae Sremmurd you have the ability to light up a room with your talents, and Justifeyed wants to light up communities the same way with safety. We are reaching out to you, as a part of the music community because you have captured the minds of the youth. If we team up and work together, we can entertain and educate them at the same time. Justifeyed wants to be the tool of safety and knowledge that gets you to the party and back home to your loved ones, safely. We are asking you, Rae Sremmurd for help. Any kind of help you can offer, such as helping us launch with a donation or investment, endorsing Justifeyed and what it stands for, or by just simply getting our name out there by spreading the word of who we are. What matters the most is safety, and safety comes before the party.

Check out our website and reach out to us via and please visit our go fund me page.

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