The Beauty Of Sturgeon Bay

Sightseeing, swimming, hiking, sailing, skiing, cycling – Sturgeon Bay offers visitors opportunities to fill vacation days with activities galore. Or, if you prefer, little activity at all Lounge, quietly enjoy the sunshine and discover Sturgeon Bay. There are approximately 187 acres of land which consists of 14 parks, nine ball fields, six tennis courts, two launching ramps, an ice skating rink, City waterfront walkways, water weed maintenance of the Bay of Sturgeon Bay, and two beaches all within the City of Sturgeon Bay.

Sturgeon Bay offers a few different parks that each hold their own unique vision of the city. Graham park consists of 1.2 acres between Oregon Street Bridge and Pennsylvania Street and was the former PBI Shipyard site. The creation of the waterfront park is a key part of the redevelopment efforts for the former shipyard area

Bay View Park, is a one acre park on the west side of Sturgeon Bay at Madison Avenue and W. Larch Street. This is a great place to relax, fish, view the waters of Sturgeon Bay, the shipbuilding industry, highway bridge and boating activities. The area is handicapped accessible with ramped fishing deck and viewing area at the end of the railroad spur. Picnic tables, benches, and gazebo are available.

Franke Park is a six and a half acres park located on the southwest side of Sturgeon Bay at Clay Banks Road and Strawberry Lane. This land was donated to the City by the Franke Family to be preserved in its natural state, allowing for the opportunity to walk along the constructed quarter mile path and enjoy the wetland area with signs identifying the natural vegetation. The walking path is handicapped accessible from the parking area.


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