Beyond The Curtain

Director Spike Lee produced a controversial movie titled Chiraq, giving insight to the gun violence in the city of Chicago.There’s a reason why young black people call Chicago “Chiraq.” It’s like a war zone in some neighborhoods, and it’s not just gangsters doing the shooting.

A series of high profile shootings of young unarmed black men show the deadly impact of aggressive, and sometimes discriminatory police tactics. Killings by police involved a young man named Quintinio LeGrier, who called 911 three times asking for an officer to be sent to his address. Police fatally shot LeGrier and a neighbor, community activist Bettie Jones, who opened the door for police.

The shooting of Laquan McDonald, which took place on October 20, 2014. McDonald was shot by Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke from approximately ten feet away. After investigation, Officer Van Dyke was charged in November 2015 with first-degree murder and initially held without bail at the Cook County Jail , but on November 30th was released on bail. On June 27, 2017, three Chicago police officers were indicted for charges of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and official misconduct for allegedly attempting to cover up the events surrounding the shooting.

The problem with the gang shooting and violence goes a little deeper. Spike Lee points out that while Chicago has strict gun laws, neighboring states do not, thus making it easy to obtain guns and bring them back into the city. He also said that while Mayor Emanuel stated he was worried the movie would hurt tourism, perhaps it would be the 2500 shootings and 450 killings that would.

The majority of these gang bangers are exposed to this lifestyle at such a young age. They know no other way. Beyond the closed curtain is nothing they have ever been exposed to, or had a chance to be a part of. Mr. Lee stated that the hood restricts movement and restricts the mind, and these kids need to be exposed to something different to give them a better way. The city of Chicago needs to start putting money into programs that will open these curtains for these kids and show them a better way, show them that all they know is not all there is.


Justifeyed is ready to bring hope to these communities along with bringing down the crime rate, Not only is Justifeyed a way to work with police and help find the high traffic gang areas to help break them apart, but we can also offer jobs to the individuals that want help and a better life. Having this app on phones puts safety and security at the fingertips of those that do not want to be afraid to live in their community. Justifeyed empowers the people that want to take back their streets the opportunity to do so. Donate and support Justifeyed now so we can open that curtain and show these individuals a better way.

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