Lost In Violence

What you are bout to read below is an example of what can often happen in gang infested areas. People begin to leave and look for a safer place, while leaving behind the place they used to call home.

According to The Washington Post Examiner writes, a middle aged man who is walking past the shuttered Lincoln highway fuel, food and liquor store, waving off media questions, turns right heading towards what looks like housing projects. It is unclear if they are still occupied or, if like much of this town, they are boarded- up and empty. The only businesses left in the town are one gas station, two liquor stores and a strip club, of which the strip club is the biggest employer. Ford Heights which is located 25 miles from Chicago, has been fighting this battle for decades. In the 1970s and 80s drugs and violence came to the housing projects in town gang shootouts over drugs and territory were common, the projects so violent that the gangs nicknamed one of them ''Vietnam". In 1987 it was named the poorest black suburb in America. Building after building is vacant, liter is everywhere, businesses are shuttered,modest homes abandoned, as are a couple of the housing projects. A study by the Great cites institute at the university of Illinois at Chicago showed, in 2014, that Ford Heights jobless rate exceeded 60 percent for 20- to 24 - year old's. By 2008 what was left of the police force just stopped showing up for work, a move that forced the sheriff's department to move in permanently.


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