Blue Waters, Blue Lights

If you were stuck in the middle of the water on a boat what would you do, do you have a safety plan? How about walking along the boardwalk or beaches? Is there a safety area or emergency personnel with in your sights? Below you will see reasons why you need a safety plan , or an option close to you.

Along the walkways and beaches of Lake Michigan in the Manitowoc and Two Rivers area safety is minimal. There are many tuck spots and places that can not be seen by the naked eye, or just walking through, there is a lot of water with no life guard or supervisor there making sure everyone is being safe. As you walk down the beach you will notice that there is not a safety plan in place, or a safety station to connect you with emergency personnel, if your were to get injured or hurt. We all understand you are entering at your own risk however; while we try to stay safe and make the best decisions possible sometimes things happen.


Justifeyed will be your new safety plan,your new blue light, to keep you protected and safe.This app can offer you a better plan when you are in danger anywhere.When you have Justifeyed on your phone whether walking along the beach or being on the water help is just click away this is just another reason why Justifeyed is needed in areas where emergency personnel isn't readily available.Donate and support Justifeyed to be safe and protected everywhere.

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