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In Chicago at least 101 people were shot between Friday afternoon and early Wednesday morning, in a violent 4th of July holiday weekend, of which 14 died. Eight of those homicides occurred during the Tuesday holiday and overnight, while more than 1,000 extra police forces were deployed within the South and West sides of the city.

Over the 2016 holiday weekend, four people were killed and 46 were injured in 42 shootings and a stabbing, according to police. Seven were killed and 40 wounded over the 2015 July Fourth weekend.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson stated "Listen, it could always be better, but I can assure that CPD is doing everything we can to make sure the remainder of the holiday weekend goes well," as he announced 58 arrests one day earlier in a bid to stem the often gang-related bloodshed in the predominantly minority West and South sides.

Former prosecutor and defense attorney John Lyke stated, "This city is under siege with the violence and what I want these young men, young ladies to know that are out here with the guns is that life isn't a video game, you can’t hit reset.

The Rev. Michael Pfleger, the activist pastor of Chicago's Faith Community of St. Sabina, said on Facebook, "We are now told 14 people KILLED AND 88 WOUNDED IN CHICAGO THIS HOLIDAY WEEKEND .....AND PEOPLE ASK WHY I AM FLYING THE AMERICAN FLAG UPSIDE DOWN ..We are safer in Iraq..."


This is the perfect example of how Justifeyed could have helped people be in safer areas and more prepared for their celebrations. Justifeyed would have been able to provide crime statistics throughout the city of Chicago, and any other area people may have been in, to keep them safe. Any instance of crime or a crime that was about to happen could have been captured and sent to the proper authorities, and taken care of quickly or been prevented all together.

Justifeyed has reached out to the city of Chicago and other cities giving example after example of how the app will help their city, and benefit their communities. Also on several occasions Justifeyed has written to Rev. Pfleger offering the help he is looking for, and the answer he needs, so why aren't we working together. Help support Justifeyed by donating, supporting, or investing so next year the only shots in your city that make headlines are of fireworks.

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