Doctors Final Revenge

Friday June 30, ex doctor Henry Bello ,45 was lying dead on the floor of a New York hospital,wearing a white lab coat splattered with blood. Bello went on a shooting rampage in the medical facility killing one colleague and injuring six others, before turning the gun on himself. Henry Bello, is said to have hidden the assault rifle under his white lab coat as he walked into the hospital before opening fire .Doctors and nurses posted on social media that they baracadid doors and were hiding. The New York Daily News reported that Bello emailed their newspaper just two hours before the rampage, blaming the medical center for ruining his dreams and career. Bello and a woman were both pronouced dead at the scene, six other people were found shot on the 16th floor, five of whom police say are seriously injured fighting for their lives, along with a man who had a gunshot wound to his leg. An employee at the hospital told ABC7 New York that the doctor was fired by the hospital because he was "crazy", and it is believed that Bello had been accused of harassing a former colleague,and had promised to come back and kill staff members.


Disgruntled employees have a tendency to look for retaliation. Justifeyed wants to be the shield for you during these situations. Sometimes the same person that saves your life one day can take your life another, and even the safest places can turn into dangerous ones.This is why justifeyed is needed to keep you safe and connected to emergency personnel even when you're right next to them but can't see them.

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